Swagman - Paramount Tailgate Pad
Price: $285.00


Our goal was to make the best tailgate pad in the business. The result: the Swagman PARAMOUNT TAILGATE PAD FULL-SIZE. It’s packed with features that make it one of the simplest and safest ways to carry up to seven bikes in the back of your full-size pickup. Built-in stanchion slots keep the forks in place to stop the bikes from moving around. Adjustable integrated Velcro straps secure the downtube. High density foam prevents the bikes and truck from getting banged around. An extra large flap gives you access to your tailgate latch. Use the integrated mesh bags to store helmets, pads, or even a post-ride bag of chips.


Fits full-size truck tailgates (61” wide, 21” tall)

Carries up to seven bikes (depending on the size of the bikes)


Fits mid-size truck tailgates (54” wide, 16” tall)

Carries up to four bikes (depending on the size of the bikes)


Place each bike fork into the stanchion slots to prevent bikes from shifting

Adjustable integrated Velcro straps wrap around the down tube to secure bikes to the pad

High density foam and fleece liner protect your bikes and truck

Made from robust, waterproof tarpaulin for durability

Extra large flap allows easy access to the tailgate latch; can be clipped open to use with backup camera

Mesh bags to store helmets, pads, and other stinky gear you don’t want inside the truck