XLAB - Turbo Wing
Price: $110.00

The XLAB Turbo Wing Hydration System is a well made, low cost, easy to use and very fast rear carrier with versatile storage. The Xlab Turbo rear hydration system has been proven to have zero drag in high position. This is an added aero advantage when you have to carry additional water bottles. There are many different combinations you can take advantage of with the XLAB Turbo hydration system. You can add an XNut to hold your CO2, You can add the Xlab bags to hold your spare tires and other items you may need for your next Triathlon race.


Features & Benifits:


15 positions for EASY REACH.

Tunnel proven ZERO DRAG in high position. Saves 13 seconds per 40km.

Anti-flex design prevents whiplash bottle launching.

Anti-launch XLAB GORILLA Cages help retain bottles (sold separately).

Vibration resistant hardware-Loctite, Lock washers, Nylock nuts.

MANY OPTIONS including 5 Cages,4 Bags, CO2s, Inflators and Holders for CO2s and Inflators.

Low position for EASY STEP-OVER.