Specialized - Turbo Como SL 4.0
Specialized Bikes
Price: $2,999.00



Take Flight


The Como Super Light is a low-maintenance joy machine, equipped with everything you need for spontaneous fun. Carry it down stairs, zip across town, pack it full of groceries, it’s ready to take flight. It also just so happens to double your power when you pedal—with super-smooth assistance that makes you feel like the superhero you are.


You're About To Smile


The Super Light System motor gives a natural assist to every ride. Start pedaling and the assist kicks in without knocking you back. Climb every steep hill that comes your way without breaking a sweat and enjoy a motor that will never weigh you down, even when you want to ride with it off. Every mode smartly adjusts to the effort you put in, giving you a power delivery so smooth, you might just forget it’s electric, but you’ll definitely feel the smile on your face.